2043, July 17

The revolutionary pope Alexander VII is going to be uploaded:
"I'm leaving my knowledge and skills behind to help my successors" (Enc. "Ex Pluribus Unum").

2043, June 03

Lawyer firm Alex Jacobs brings the cause of defending uploaded minds at UN.
First firm to reach an acceptable solution to the crossing crisis, Jacobs will focus on these cases.

2043, June 20

New noumenal lecture device iSoul® 4c from PhoenixTech™.
(FEATURES: 8 levels noumenal redaction palimpsest, multi-neural pathways, emotional overwrite, ... )

2043, May 12

MacroQC™ releases fifth generation Quantum Computing.
Up to 200 uploaded minds supported per rack unit. We contributed with our expertise on collective mind composition!

we can help ...
gather your life

Capturing your everyday life.
Mapping your brain.
Preserving your mind's original substrate.

support your crossing

With our open-source ECoS
(Emulated Consciousness System).
Torrent-ed on neuromorphic hardware.

provide you a status

Our organization claims the rights on your software substrate, but only seeds it.
You own yourself, being a company.