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Noetic Reader 4 - module of the month

by mindupload.org


We believe humanity means facing yourself.
Noetic Reader 4 gives you a path to know yourself.

It is based on temporary change of parameters, experience, and record for your inspection and analysis.
customer rating: 79% (2477 ratings)

what's New in version 4.0
  • new Dream© interface: 420 scenarios (custom data)
  • get started with your noetic assessment
  • module redesign
  • quantum security upgrade (ver. 2.9)
  • bug fix (#12.43)

How it works

The base module is a dream-state.
The module guides you from a general dream-like scenario (1) towards a more deep level, in search for emotional reactions (2). Then, it explores possible solving scenarios (3).

  • You can choose the type of inspection.
  • The module will propose you a set of dream-conditions taken from your own sub-cortical patterns in a pseudo-randomized order.
  • In the dream lower level of vigilance, you will recompose them.
  • Your recomposition - to make sense of the randomization - is recorded for your subsequent analysis.


Many ECoS are meant to hide yourself from you.
Many are selling you a dream life in which you are a dream as well, and reality is adjusted accordingly... We simply don't believe this is humanity.

All along human history we altered our environment and ourselves. Medicine is a result, technology is a result. Each time we invented something we were getting further from our animal heritage. But we were still animals in the end... with something different, the language and culture as a rudimental mind upload, a way to store our ancestors.

Along human history, each time a new technology is spread there is a risk for our humanity. You can use knifes to cut bread and to cut throats.
We didn't destroy ourselves using atomic bombs (yet). And we didn't lose the use of our legs because we had cars. Now mindupload gives us a new power: an endless life for each mind.
But, is it an endless life of the spirit?

The answer to this question is in our hands. The possibilities are too many to be pondered all in advance, but is our duty to make an effort and try together.

To upload a mind is to know a mind. This is noetics: the ability to inspect a mind, to expose its inner visions and desires, to challenge it, to evolve.
This is why we offer noetic reading for free.

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