Where are we?

It took a lot of time for us to find the right place to work and fulfill our project.
Many people and nations still consider mindupload as an abomination.
But to be effective we need to be close to the people that chooses us.

We choose Nirgendwo a small autonomous state on the Alps, between Swiss and Lichtenstein.
As Swiss, Nirgendwo laws provide that assistance to programmed death is only illegal if it is motivated by self-interest. As a result, our foundation acts as a neutral party by proving that, aside from non-recurring fees, we have nothing to gain from the deaths of our patients.

Come and visit us!

Crossing Foundation
3, Holtzwege St.
00100 - Heideg (Nirgendwo)
Phone: 0099-333-5667878

We offer Expertise

We offer you the safety of the medical assistance always in place.

By the cooperation of doctors, specialists and professionals we provide overall patient care for adults and children.

You will meet our doctors on a daily basis, and the gathering protocol is adapted to your needs and requests.

We offer Safety

Our highly educated and motivated English speaking doctors are committed to your well-being; they constantly develop their skills and procedures.

During your period with us, your privacy is sacred to us.
You will perform all the controls and exams in the clinic hosted by our Chateau.

We offer a five-star service in our facility!