Noumenal Technology

A full model of your mind, filled with your life.
And we do not own you. We spread you.

ECoS: Emulated Consciousness Systems

An Emulated Consciousness System is a set of processes happening on neuromorphic hardware which are indistinguishable from those happening on biological brain.

An ECoS is hierachical

In an ECoS, the basic hierarchy of the brain is kept:

  • endbrain - it gives our minds the full potential we experience, learning and memory, movement, sensory processing, language, planning, ...
  • forebrain - it assures interconnection of all endbrain structures and is the base for consciousness, eating, sleeping, reproductive functions, and any display of emotions.
  • mid- and hindbrain - for basic sensory and motor control, sleep/wake states, alertness.

An ECoS is dynamical

Every ECoS is structured as a set of neural assemblies and many abstract thalamocortical pathways connecting forebrain and endbrain.

Over the recurrent pathways, multiple streams of neural activity self-cluster dynamically to form moments of consciousness.

The dynamic cluster changes over time, with some neural assemblies leaving and others being incorporated, under the influence of internal and external signals, relayed by mid- and hindbrain.

An ECoS is supporting primary (sensory-motor), secondary (self-integrated memories and evaluation), and tertiary (emotional and planning) conscious states.

An ECoS is modular

An ECoS has a modular structure.
Every aspect of your uploaded life is a module.

The mind-modules represents knowledge, skills, memories, that you can add to your mind-structure and use.

But you can also remove, copy, fork, merge them.
You can also share and sell them.

There were many brain projects during the first decades of XXI century. They were devoted to collect data about the brain, at all levels and in many species.

Then the WorldMind project came, lead by Prof. John Wright.
He started the Noumenal Mathematics.
ECoS technology is the result.

We offer @nu («at-nu»), our ECoS engine, for free.
It is open source, developed all around the globe by a network of developers.

@nu is your security

There are still too many ways to abuse a crosser: enslavement, hacking, hiking, highjacking, bushwacking, thought-worms, sleepwalking... We take care of the technical dangers.

An ECoS is just like any software,

  • it has a code, sure self-modifying, but still a code, with bugs and possible exploit ...
  • it relies on a set of file streams, that can be altered, stealed, copied ...
  • it is executed by a neuromorphic hardware, still expensive, delicate, energy consuming ...

We keep these problems at bay with:

open-source code, anybody can see its base, its flows and flaws, anybody can contribute to make it better

streamed files, as the old torrent technology, nobody has them entirely, many have copies. Altered ones are discarded, steal or copy them without your own key is useless

open hardware, our neuromorphic farms are using only hardware build on shared knowledge, to reduce costs and enhance quality

Check out our codebase!

Our Time Solutions

Our ECoS is for free, but execution time, the time you live, is computed on expensive hardware.
You need execution time for each module you want to use and for the amount of resource you want to assign to each module.

As a crosser, your currency is Standardized Computer Seconds - or scs.
You can buy it from one of the many time-vendors. But you can trade scs as well, for any kind of assets or convert them back to money.

We offer three time solutions (you can upgrade at any moment):

Reduced Standard Enhanced
Price 13 €/scs 19 €/scs 32 €/scs
recognition library
Working memory
visuo-spatial sketchpad
multi-level sketchpad
Language processing
Social cognition
Relational processing
parallel channels
Emotion processing

Together with each solution comes a legal standing agreement.

As a no-profit company, we own our software and - only in principle - also you.
But we only seed your files across a large network, assuring that your master process and threads are run on our hardware, for which you pay.

For each new crosser, we create an offshore company (in one of those countries previously known as pure tax heavens).

The company - you - has full legal standing for the countries that have mutual commercial recognition.

Thus, for the rest of humanity, you have the status of an independent company, with all the rights and obligations that derive.

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