We do not spoil you

We provide you a legal standing.
We earn on your wages.
And you advance humanity.

A bit of history

Technology gave us computers with more computational power than the human brain.
Still, we were not able to create a truly self-aware machine, nor mindupload
until Prof. John Wright and his PhoenixTech™ gave us the noumenal technology.
He introduced both neverending life and limitless minds.

At the beginning the fear was that uploaded humans and super-human AI would kill work balance, and afterall humanity.

The reaction against crossers was strong.

In many industrialized countries, mindupload was forbidden.

But without agreements, mindupload was developed in some countries, and in those where was not allowed was covert, which was even worst.

Many persons were illegally uploaded. Many were forced to sell themselves, or copies, or reductions, to pay execution costs. Some were never able to restore their unity. Or to rescue their copies.

Fortunately, the profit of crossing became soon evident.
After a transition time in which indeed labor market value was reduced for flesh-people, in the end the total wealth, capitals including also crossers, company stock, etc. was better off for all.
Crossers do not steal work to the rest of humanity. On the contrary, the fraction of wealth (either from crossers or not) invested in forms of capital related to uploading technology, and related forms of loans, payed off.

Investors pushed on politicians to produce laws favouring loans to crossers. And, in turn, crossers highly diversified their assets, without the problems related to speculation on real estate holdings, that caused many problems just half a century ago.

We contributed to this with the solution that law firm Jacobs created for us: each crosser is a company. As a company you can trade, travel, ... even vote.

Finally, politicians taxed crossers as any other human.
And that was the end of the crossing crisis.

Crosser's currency is scs, execution time.
This is relevant! The fear that crossers and AI would kill labour was based on the right assumption «faster mind, faster work», but wrongly taken.

There is no danger of competition between cross work and bio work because the execution time of a crosser is too valuable.
In the time that it takes a bio to execute a task, a crosser can produce more valuable assets that can be used to pay more execution time.

Thus crossers are orienting their efforts in advancing many new and old fields like practical terraforming, dark energy fusion, wormhole drive theory, nano-assemblers, biotechs... collaborating with the rest of humanity and bringing new occupation also for bio workers.

Our social engagement

A crosser's life is based on time and resources, at first not so different ...
But it is execution time, and memory resources. Both are fixed when you have flesh and bones, both are variable when you are a crosser.

An uploaded mind can run at speeds that are limited only by the hardware, allowing great variations in subjective time.
This is why a large part of crossers is involved in entrepreneurial speculation.

As a consequence, an extremely fine specialization of labor is allowing for nearly infinite occupational effort to be utilized.
And, considering only the 21B Earth population, an entrepreneur needs only reach a tiny fraction of the public in order to earn millions and billions scs.

These are the roots of the entrepreneurial revolution: the possibility for very long-term thinking which has abolished short-sightedness.
No government interventions into the market, no central bank, no capitals lying idle, no debasement of currency, or other mischievous intermeddling with the economy.

our projects

We support many projects aiming at reducing the remaining friction between crossers and the rest of humanity, to protect crosser diversity, to ameliorate human worker conditions, and education in emerging countries.


We finance microloans to impoverished borrowers who typically lack collateral, steady employment and a verifiable credit history.
Our target is to support entrepreneurship - especially for literacy - and uplift entire communities by extension.

In the past, microcredit institutions - in search for a way to survive among finance sharks - started charging higher interest rates on loans and placing more emphasis on savings programs, becoming, to all means, banks.
The main problems are the possibility to wait for results and the high investment risk.

Both problems are sustainable for us. Our microloans are targeted at literacy. The reason for the target is that we earn by recording the learning patterns of men and women of every age and culture, and then applying them to other domains.


In the same way as we earn from cultural diversity, we do for crosser-specific diversity.

Millions of crossers can live and work in a single farm-building, with accommodations for all, with enough power and cooling.
Many crossers might find comfort by living in conditions of life similar to those they were used to: trees, cows, houses, trading posts much like the old minecraft :)
Others may reject the familiar and explore new possibilities: reduced gravity, higher sound pitches, different visual resolution and spectral content.
Yet others can remain familiar with the physical world: work in the real environment at higher or slower speeds.

We support diversity. Actually, we earn from it. Compared to writing software, the human brain seems especially good at dealing with the physical world, and finding solution in it.
We operate with diverse crosser communities to mine their solutions and sell the patterns we can extract together.